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03.02.i05. Assoc. Prof. Yu-Cheng Hsu pro

Dr. Yu-Cheng Hsu

My main research interest is field ornithology. In past decade, my lab members and I have conducted bird banding in Taroko National Park. Using data (including banding records morphological measurements) and samples (blood, feathers and ectoparasites) collected from the banding projects, we studied winter site fidelity of migrants, elevational change of bird morphology (e.g. body size and bill size), prevalence of blood parasites and ectoparasites, sexual dimorphism of endemic birds, etc. In addition, we also record bird songs to study geographic variation of bird songs and frequency changes of bird songs alone elevation gradient. Recently, we start using automatic sound recorders to monitor the biodiversity.

We welcome anyone who is interested at bird, either field work or data analysis to join our work.


Conservation genetics ; ornithology ; behavioral ecology ; molecular ecology

Ornithology Lab, B333




CIRES, College of Environmental Studies, National Dong Hwa University. 

No.1, Sec.2, Da Hsueh Rd., Shoufeng, Hualien 974301, Taiwan.

Active Projects

  • Long-term bird banding in Taroko National Park, Hualien Taiwan.

  • Tracking migration routes of small passerines in eastern Taiwan.

  • Monitoring fauna through camera traps and automatic sound recordings.

Key Publications

  • Yu-Ting Lai, Carol K. L. Yeung, Kevin E. Omland, Er-Li Pang, Yu Hao, Ben-Yang Liao, Hui-Fen Cao, Bo-Wen Zhang, Chia-Fen Yeh, Chih-Ming Hung, Hsin-Yi Hung, Ming-Yu Yang, Wei Liang, Yu-Cheng Hsu, Cheng-Te Yao, Lu Dong, Kui Lin, and Shou-Hsien Li. 2019. Standing genetic variation as the predominant source for adaptation of a songbird. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 116(6): 2152-2157.

  • Chi-Chien Kuo, Yi-Fu Lin, Cheng-Te Yao, Han-Chun Shih, Lo-Hsuan Chung, Hsien-Chun Liao, Yu-Cheng Hsu*, Hsi-Chieh Wang. 2017. Tick-borne pathogens in ticks collected from birds in Taiwan. Parasites & Vector 10:587.

  • Longwu Wang, Wei Liang, Canchao Yang, Shun-Jen Cheng, Yu-Cheng Hsu and Xin Lu 2016. Egg rejection and clutch phenotype variation in the plain prinia Prinia inornata. Journal of Avian Biology 47(6): 788–794.

  • Yu-Cheng Hsu, Shun-Jen Cheng, Chung-Chi Hsu 2015. Prevalence of blood parasites in three common Asian migratory raptors from Taiwan. Journal of Raptor Research 49(2):227-230.

  • Yu-Cheng Hsu, Pei-Jen Shaner, Jun-Yi Zhang, Linhua Ke, Shuh-Ji Kao 2014. Trophic niche width increases with bill size variation in a generalist passerine: a test of niche variation hypothesis. Journal of Animal Ecology 83(2): 450-459.

CIRES members

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