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Members of CIRES

There are currently eight members of the multidisciplinary CIRES team, all based at the College of Environmental Studies, National Dong Hwa University. This page contains a brief introduction to their interests and work, expertise, and links to their contact details, active projects and key publications.


Dr. I-Fang Sun

Director of CIRES


Dr. Chun-Hung Lee


Dr. Hsing-Sheng Tai

03.02.i04. Prof. Shih-Chieh profile photo.jpg

Dr. Shih-Chieh Chang

03.02.i06. Yu-Yun Chen profile photo.jpg

Dr. Yu-Yun Chen

03.02.i05. Assoc. Prof. Yu-Cheng Hsu profile photo.jpg

Dr. Yu-Cheng Hsu


Dr. Wen-Yen Chang

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